Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sludge, a personal perspective

Hello internet peoplez.

It's been a fun day here. My grandparents have needed a nice car to run errands in, so we picked them up for a 96 900SE vert that did not run. We purchased the car sight unseen and brought it back to their home. It sounded to me like the starter was bad, the solenoid that engages the gear that spins the teeth against the flywheel and makes the whole starting process possible was not engaging.

After trying to manually turn the engine with a 27mm socket on the engines crank pulley, a really ugly thing happened.... wouldn't turn.

Wuh oh.

Anyway, pulled the valve cover and found this:


The engine has sludged up and siezed, so perhaps a writeup on replacing NG900 engines soon?

Nevermind, Dip already did that, and you can find it here

Actually, for any NG900 or 9-5 owner, Dip's how to webpage is a godsend. His cataloging of procedures is amazing and better than any factory manual I have on the shelf

His page is here

So, go change your oil so you don't end up like this, or call me and have me do it ;-)


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