Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Sludge!

Just dropped the oil pan on a '02 9-3 with an oil pressure light on. Mmm mmm Sludge.

The sludge pile under the oil pickup screen (removed)

And the pickup screen:

Post Cleanup:

Update your crankcases and change your oil with Mobil 1 synthetic, and you can usually avoid this problem.



Rick's Google Site said...


have a 2002 saab aero 9-5 4cyl turbo that needs a new v belt in star city,wv. JR Petsko gave me your name. call me if can do the work 816-582-1908. Rick

Boompa said...

I have one question and 2 issues:
Have a 2002 9-3 w 138000 miles. I had it for a couple of months, and it sat at garage for several months w body damage and turbo.
Guy said he did "full service" on it when replacing turbo.
Since I've started driving it 4 months ago, had to replace fuel pump & completely full fuel filter.
Looks like it's time to change the oil just to be safe. So question is do I need to pull the crankcase and check screen? Is this something a mildly competent home mechanic can do?
Also, my ac compressor is rattling, just can't afford to replace right now.
Last week, car was parked for about 30 minutes, walked out and their was quite a bit of coolant on the ground. Eased it about a mile home; next daychecked and reservoir was empty. Filled it and took it around the block to warm it up. The red warning triangle and red battery icon came on. Got home and checked to make sure the serpentine belt was still on and tight.
Any feedback you might offer?