Friday, May 27, 2011

9-3 SS Headlight Wiring

A common problem almost since new on the early 9-3 Sport Sedans with halogen headlamps is that the wiring for the headlamp bulbs degrades and falls apart. Saab makes a kit to fix this. I installed one today, here's a pic:

The result is a professional repair near as good as the original factory wiring.

A nice and affordable fix for an unforeseen problem. The kit is about 15 bucks.

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Hummel said...

Thank you so much for posting this.
In this country H7 headlight is used for DRL (sigh). The brown double-cable at both left and right sides of the car are terribly worn-out close to and in the connector. The yellow one is not worn at all. Does that imply that there are too large currents for both the H7bulb (and the another bulb (parking-bulb) ?. )I want to make a whole new cable from the battery to the headlight low beam-socket. But there will not be any current at all if there's no H7 in the connector. A relay would have to be smart as the ignition comes on to check the bulbs. But I don't know how to install such a tricky system yet. (Miss old days whitout so much electronics to rule my world...)
-Tom Hummel, Norway